Size: 53 cm (width) x 10 meter (length) Type of Wallpaper: Non Woven Washable: Yes Peelable: Yes Durability: 5 10 years Country of Origin: Germany

Korea Wallpaper in Malaysia

Do you want to embellish your home walls with exquisite patterns and stylish designs? Then, you must opt for wallpapers for their convenience and a variety of decorating options. You will find several types of wallpapers, from different countries; however, the wallpapers originated from Korea has a certain charm in their manufacturing.

Over time, Korea wallpaper in Kuala Lumpur has gained popularity for various reasons. Be it, residential customers or commercial clients, many of them have started preferring Korea wallpaper in Malaysia to the common European wallpapers. Let’s look at some of the reasons that compel people to choose Korean wallpapers.

Reason To Opt For Korea Wallpaper

Easy To Install   

Wallpaper needs to be joint accurately as per their patterns to make a seamless design. Matching and joining wallpapers is imperative for creating a refined look. It becomes a daunting task to install all the patterns appropriately, so it does not look imperfect and joins without any fault. In Korean wallpapers, all the designs and patterns are printed randomly and broadly. Hence, it does not require close detailing and can be repeated. That is why it gets easier to install Korean wallpapers.

Various Designs And Patterns

Korean wallpapers are famous for the variety of choices they present to the customers. Latest trends and innovative designs are introduced in the market once or twice a year. You can expect to find all types of designs, from traditional to contemporary, in Korean wallpaper collection through a wallpaper supplier in KL.


People prefer wallpapers over other wall décor products because they are economical and long-lasting. They last almost five to ten years; hence, they are also durable and reliable.


Another reason for the popularity of Korean wallpapers is the cost-effectiveness. It provides a more considerable value at a lesser cost while providing a greater volume of wallpaper per unit. Hence, the Korean wallpaper is suitable for bigger places, as it can provide high volumes of a wallpaper at reasonable rates. Moreover, the import rates are also quite affordable as compared to other countries.

Easy To Care

Washing the Korean wallpaper is also easy and fast. You can easily clean the dust from its surface.

Find Korea Wallpaper Supplier In Malaysia

If you are looking for Korea wallpaper supplier in Malaysia, you can visit Perfect Wall. Browse through our collection of Korean wallpaper designs and select the one that befits your choice. Being a wallpaper supplier, our products are durable and last almost 5-10 years. We have specified the dimensions along with each product. Go through our compilation of Korea Wallpaper here.


Type of Wallpaper: Vinyl Paperback (PVC)
Washable: Yes
Peelable: Yes
Good light fastness: Yes
Durability: 5 – 10 years
Country of Origin: The Republic of Korea


Width (m) : 1.06
Length (m): 15.6
Total Sqft: 177
Thickness (mm): 0.31-0.38
Weight (kg/roll): 4.8-5.6
Matching: Straight
Material: PAPER Vinyl NON- PAPER (PVC) Washable: Yes Peelable: Yes Good light fastness: Yes Durability: 4-6 years Country of Origin: Made In MALAYSIA Roll: 10.05 x 0.53 Meter
Specifications fiber : 100% polypropylene construction: Multilevel Level loop Gauge :1/12 " pile height:3.0 mm/4.0mm/5mm t 0.5 mm) pile weight: :750 gram primary backing : Non-woven secondary backing: Bitumen+Non-Woven Tile Size: 50 cm x 50 cm
Description Type of Wallpaper: Vinyl Paperback (PVC) Washable: Yes Peelable: Yes Good light fastness: Yes Durability: 5 10 years Country of Origin: The Republic of Korea Specifications Width (m) : 1.06 Length (m): 15.6 Total Sqft: 177 Thickness (mm): 0.31-0.38 Weight (kg/roll): 4.8-5.6 Matching: StraightDescription Type of : Vinyl Wallcovering (Fabric backed) Washable: Yes Peelable: Yes Good light fastness: Yes Durability: 15-20 years Country of Origin: The Republic of china Specifications Width (m) : 1.37 Length (m): 50 m Total Sqft: 737 sf Thickness (mm): 0.31-0.38 Weight (kg/roll): 26-28 Matching: alternate strip
Wallpaper Fabric Backed (heavy duty
Wallpaper Fabric Backed (heavy duty
Description Type of Wallpaper: Vinyl Paperback (PVC) Washable: Yes Peelable: Yes Good light fastness: Yes Durability: 5 10 years Country of Origin: The Republic of Korea Specifications Width (m) : 1.06 Length (m): 15.6 Total Sqft: 177 Thickness (mm): 0.31-0.38 Weight (kg/roll): 4.8-5.6 Matching: Straight

Mural Wallpaper

People find different ways to decorate their rooms and walls to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Using wallpaper is one means to make your wall look stylish. However, that does not imply you cannot follow the latest trends or innovative styles to style your walls. You have a choice to select a wall mural that befits your taste and complements your personal style.

With custom mural wallpaper, you can display your individuality and express your personality. You can find your favourite designs or get them created to embellish your room walls. It helps in giving a personal touch to your home’s interior and boost its elegant appearance. You can turn any simple and plain wall into an artist's work with mural wallpapers. You can contact a wallpaper supplier in Malaysia to install wall murals in your home.

Get A Supplier For Custom Mural Wallpaper

Perfect Wall allows you to choose custom mural wallpaper that befits your taste and goes well with your home’s interior. You get a choice to describe your style, be it colourful, minimalist, or contemporary. These murals can create a balanced ambiance and give a distinct look to each of your rooms. So, our mural wallpapers will suit your homes, offices, and all places. Browse through our stock to find a mural wallpaper for yourself here.

Follow your wall size

SPC Flooring Malaysia

Over time, several new trends have been introduced to design homes. One such way to style the floors of your place is through SPC flooring. It offers you a durable and waterproof flooring method. You also get to enjoy several looks of your floor that resemble natural materials with SPC flooring in Malaysia.

What Is SPC Flooring?

SPC is short for stone plastic composite; it is designed to mimic the conventional flooring materials, such as natural wood and stone, through advanced technology. It comes in several prints and designs to make the flooring look elegant, smooth, and sleek. That is why SPC flooring has become a popular choice of flooring in Malaysia.

SPC flooring has many features as it comprises of layers, such as:

Wear Layer : It plays a crucial role in enhancing the flooring's durability by making resistant to scratches or stains. It is a transparent coating on top of the floor.

Vinyl Pattern Layer : It consists of different textures, patterns, and designs to give the floor a visually appealing look. This layer is waterproof and resembles natural materials.

SPC Core : The strength of SPC flooring comes from its rigid, stable, and waterproof core. It has a high density along with stability.

UV Layer : UV coating over the floor protects it from harsh weather conditions and keeps it clean and stain-resistant.

Backing Layer : The backing layer provides a backbone for the floor and makes it resistant to moulds.

Get The Best SPC Flooring In Malaysia

Perfect Wall is an ideal place to get the SPC flooring in Malaysia. You will find a highly durable and reliable product with various patterns and designs. We strive to make it look more realistic and shiny to complement your home’s interior. Our team is expert in manufacturing and installing SPC flooring, which makes it all the more resistant to stains, scratches, and weather. Contact Perfect Wall to get SPC flooring for your home now!

Perkhidmatan yang kami sediakan adalah, menjual dan memasang Wainscoting di rumah, pejabat dan sebagainya. Untuk tahu total kos yang digunakan perlu ada perkara-perkara ini : (1) Keluasan dinding (2) Jenis-jenia material yang hendak digunakan (3) Design kotak dikehendaki
Are you looking to make your windows secure yet trendy? Window blinds cover your windows and improve their appearance. When people decide to renovate their homes or offices, they often neglect the designing of their windows. To complete the look of your place, you must style the windows with some colours and trendy patterns.

Perfect Wall brings the most exquisite designs of window blinds in Malaysia. Our collection includes all seamlesswindow blinds thatadjust well over any window type and make them appear graceful. The distinct styles of blinds can be installed in every window. You can browse through our wide variety of window blinds in Malaysia that look eye-catching and are available in an economical manner. We attempt to come up with designs that are aesthetic, spacious, and breezy.

The designs you choose of windows blinds for your home give a view of your style. They bring a pleasing change in your home when you are planning to refurbish your interior. You can select the blinds that complement each of your rooms.

Benefits Of Installing Window Blinds

Endless Designs And Styles

Window blinds are accessible in various designs, styles, colours, and types. You can choose a pattern to create a flawless look for your rooms and home. You can find mini blinds, panel blinds, cordless blinds, or vertical blinds.

Ensures Privacy

Window blinds are perfect for covering your windows and ensuring your privacy. It is a better option for privacy than even curtains. If you install top-down blinds, they will provide you with complete privacy. When you open it, they lower from the top; thus, natural light comes in, while obscuring the view. 

Controls The Light

With the help of window blinds, you control the amount of light coming into your room. The slats of the blinds can fit together tightly or open up as per the need. You have complete control over darkening or illuminating your room.

Easy To Maintain

Another benefit that window blinds provide is that they are easy to maintain. Cleaning them is easy and simple with a damp cloth. Besides, they are long-lasting and reliable.
Contact us now to find the best window blinds in Malaysia!

Window Blinds
Window Blinds
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